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“Buying or selling a home is often one of the biggest financial transaction a person makes.”

Many people have heard this statement so many times that it gets glossed right over.  Yet, when it comes down to engaging in a real estate transaction, people instinctively know they need to do their due diligence, beginning with selecting a realtor.  With thousands of realtors to choose from, how do you know which realtor to choose?

At The Steven Ross Group we have detailed, on the street, discrete knowledge of four primary neighborhoods – but that is only half of our business.  The other half comes from repeat and referral clients who trust our expertise, care, and guidance.

Our clients range from 1st time buyers to sellers on their 17th transaction (or more!).  Sometimes we work with clients buying condos, other times we are handling our clients’ estates. 

It’s not about the homes, it’s about the people.  Do they need our help?  Do they want us to help them?  Are they relying on us as their trusted advisor?

This may sound a little unconventional, but just like you, we have to be selective. Since we work with only about 30 clients per year, we are very deliberate on who we can take on to represent.

Read more about what it’s like to work with us and what most agents won’t tell you about hiring a real estate professional.

This guy knocks on doors?

Here in Colorado you’ve probably not met another realtor like Steven.  There are few people who have spent the last 15+ years going door-to-door as a real estate agent.  After 125,000 doors and 40,000 plus people, would it be unreasonable to think Steven has a perspective on the real estate market that no one else has?

The odds of someone needing to move are very low at the moment Steven knocks on someone’s door.  Therefore he’s never there to ask someone ‘Would you like to sell your home?’ (and he never asks that question). The purpose of going door-to-door has become about relationships, knowledge, and being of service. 

And while some people would prefer not to have anyone knock on their door, many hundreds do! (See picture)

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