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Headlines are misleading

You might be wondering what’s happening with the real estate market. You might have seen headlines like: “Statewide decline in home sales surpasses that seen in metro Denver last year” “Metro Denver median home prices are lower than a year ago” “Denver housing market showing early signs of heating back up” “Companies Buying Houses For Cash […]

Fortune favors the brave?

Housing and cryptocurrency Let’s deal with the thing which I know almost nothing about: cryptocurrency. Here’s what I do know. I was watching a football game the other night, and the commercial for came on. I didn’t know that’s what the commercial was for, because it was actor Matt Damon walking through displays of […]

Headlines Sometimes Make Me Crazy

“The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible.” – Mark Twain Fictions reported as absolute truths make us nuts – or at least I hope that I am not the only one that feels that way. Here are two headlines or “truths” in real estate that occur to me as […]

Prom Night in September?

I’m wrong often. In fact, if you asked my kids, they would say I am never right. Of course, this is coming from teenagers without fully developed frontal lobes who say and do some of the dumbest things on a semi-regular basis :-0 . But back to me being wrong: I of course did not […]

More Road Trips…

Steven’s Personal Letter – August 2021 What would a summer letter be without another road trip?   This year Evan wisely stayed up in Bozeman for the summer, so our journey began with Zach, Sydney and I driving up to see him at the end of June. After three and half days in beautiful days […]

Wow it’s hot!

We are marching through summer with real estate prices in line with the weather, and there seems to be no change in the dynamics of the real estate market. Continued out-of-balance supply and demand have led to substantial year-over-year price increases. The only thing that appears almost normal is that we seem to be following […]

Turning 50

I turned 50 last month. I know it’s no big deal – even elephants live to 50. Heck, most of the U.S. population makes it past 50.   What was most interesting about my birthday: my kids’ reaction to me turning 50. Actually, not me turning 50, but the fact that “I was young once.” […]

Real Estate Update: More of the same

                This is starting to get very boring.   Every month I say the same thing, blah, blah, blah: record prices, low-interest rates, bidding wars, people can’t find a house to buy, entry-level buyers can’t afford to buy, etc.   Now that we are all clear that we […]

It’s still ridiculous.

Comedian Shaun Johnson – Buying An Apple – Like Housing Market – @johnsonfiles/TikTok     If you have not yet seen comedian Shaun Johnson’s work of genius on what the housing market is like, click here.   The supply and demand of residential housing are so out of whack, it seems almost impossible to imagine […]