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I’m Very Nervous

Why?   Here is the median price of a home for the last 20 years in the Denver-Lakewood MSA – which I am referring to as the Front Range / Denver Area. Here is the median household income for Colorado over roughly the same period: What do you see?   In case you don’t like […]

So Many People, So Few Houses

The comedian Steven Wright had a joke that went something like, “What do the French call déjà vu? …I think I’ve seen this before.”  I have lost count on how many Januarys have started with ‘the residential real estate market in the Front Range set records’. Record sales Record prices Record low inventory levels Record […]

Fried Joy

Did I ever mention that I don’t like long car rides?   Then how the heck did I end up on another 10 1/2-hour marathon drive from Montana to Denver?  Oh right, COVID… Typically, over Thanksgiving we go to So Cal for the week.  We actually kept thinking that we were still going to go..right up […]

This is Crazy!

The real estate crazy train continues.  Real estate records continue to get broken in the greater Denver real estate market (click here if you want to read them all).  Here’s just a few: ACTIVE LISTINGS – (Detached & Attached) 4,821 represents the lowest October on record. The previous low was in 2016 of 6,731.   […]

Not Everyone Can Buy A Home

Credit: Still,  If you are reading this letter, chances are you’re probably not a regular TikTok user. Therefore you might not have seen Nathan Apodaca’s TikTok video that went viral, causing tribute videos by the likes of Mick Fleetwood and a TV commercial. In the seemingly innocuous video, he is seen in the morning […]

Road Trips

For obvious reasons this summer looked very different than last summer.  Although we did get to do some stuff all together before Evan went back to school, we didn’t do a ‘normal’ family vacation where we were all together.  On the other hand, I did get to have a couple of road trips individually with […]

Can’t believe August numbers

I missed it I thought for sure we would see a slight down-tick in activity in August…nope, I was wrong.  Just the opposite, August was a record month in activity (homes going pending/under contract).   Having missed the mark on August, I am still not changing the story I have been telling most of this year: […]

Why is everyone buying houses?

It would appear that *everyone* is buying houses. Or at least that is what the recent headlines would lead us to believe. News outlets picked up the National Association of Realtor’s report that home sales jumped 24.7% in July from June. Here in the Front Range of Colorado, the Denver Metro Association of Realtors reported […]

It’s still uncertain

Last month I wrote that our current environment makes no sense:  all this uncertainty and turmoil, yet the financial and housing markets move along seemingly unaffected (at least for now).   The real estate market in Denver has seen record levels of activity in May and June (measured by the number of homes going pending […]

What is really going on?

Here was a frightening headline on NPR earlier this month: “Millions of Americans Skip Payments as Tidal Wave of Defaults and Evictions Looms” It sure seems weird right now.  Consider the following: Record unemployment and stock market highs – at the same time. Speaking of unemployment, last week’s jubilation that there were *only* 1.9 million, […]