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Real Estate Insight: October 2019

I am sorry to disappoint as we move through the last quarter of the year, there is no “shocking headline” to capture your attention.   What we have seen is another consistent year of the same pattern:  active spring with low inventory and rising prices, summer and fall slowdown where activity and prices soften. This […]

Number 5

It’s been six months since I sent out my last letter.  Shame on me.  I could use the “I’ve been busy” excuse, but that’s a total cop out.  Everyone’s busy. The truth is I couldn’t actually hit the “publish” button on any of the four different letters I wrote.  I didn’t like any of them.  I […]

Real Estate Insight: March 2019

The peak season for selling real estate is Super Bowl Sunday through Memorial Day. Here we are right in the middle of the spring selling season, and you might be wondering, “How are things going?” Well, things are going “okay.”  What does “okay” mean?  It means that the market is moving, but it’s not moving […]

Ten Years?!?

This past November was my family’s tenth year in Colorado.  What!?!?! Ten years? I can’t believe it! What do most adults say when referring to time?  It flies.  It’s so cliché that I can’t bring myself to say it.  But its true.  Time flies. Ten years ago the economy was collapsing, the country had just […]

Real Estate Insight: November 2018

Over the last couple of months you might have seen some of the following headlines regarding the Denver real estate market: “Metro Denver housing market cooling off”  “Denver housing inventory rises to highest level in 4 years”  “Major cold front slams Denver housing market…”  “Inventory up, prices down in Denver’s housing market”  “Denver housing market […]

Play Ball!

I mess up all the time. In fact, I probably make more mistakes than I get things right.  It’s likely true in all areas of my life.  It’s especially true as a parent. We can all probably relate in one way or another, either how our parents raised us, or how we raised (or are raising) our […]

Real Estate Insight: January 2018

As January 2018 rolled around, it felt like it could have been January 2017, January 2016… I sat down to write my annual real estate review. I looked at the past year’s data, and it was just like the year before, and the year before that, and so on. I kind of felt like Bill […]

Friends & Family

Some of you are going to think that all I do is travel.  I assure you that is not the case! AND – I have had the privilege over the last few months of having two very special trips. In March I flew to see my Dad on his 75th birthday.  I flew out early […]

The Tail End

Holy cow – its mid-February already?!?! Valentines Day, Presidents Day?  Didn’t we just have holidays?  Weren’t my kids already off for two-plus weeks, and then another day for MLK?  Maybe I should go back to school…actually, maybe not… In any event, this year is already flying by – at least for me. What I was going […]

Real Estate Insight: January 2017

The new year seems to always brings a new sense of optimism (for most people).  I won’t go into why that’s the case (because I don’t know). For real estate, January is literally like a ‘reset’ button.  Almost overnight it seems that the real estate market ‘turns back on.’  People are busy doing other stuff […]