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Bonnie Brae

Located north of Mississippi Ave and east of University Blvd, Bonnie Brae’s distinction begins with its origins: landscape architect Saco DeBoer departed from the grid system that characterized most of Denver’s streets and focused on the land’s topography and natural beauty. Ellipse Park centers the neighborhood, but it wasn’t constructed until 1936. With the first homes built in 1923, and homes east of the park finished after World War II, Bonnie Brae has an eclectic, charming feel. With the winding streets and mix of new construction along with the character of the old, walking distance to University Blvd and Washington Park, Bonnie Brae’s desirability remains high.

Belcaro Park

The boundaries for Belcaro Park stretch south from Exposition Ave, west of Colorado, north of Mississippi, and east of Steele St. Although the Belcaro Park HOA has a slightly narrower geographic boundary, for the purposes of this webpage we are using the larger boundary. Why? Because for most people coming to this page, they are looking for a general description of the neighborhood and real estate information.

Bonnie Brae

  • Character of older homes
  • Walking distance to University businesses, plus Washington Park and Gaylord ST
  • Neighborhood feel
  • Proximity to Cherry Creek and easy access to other parts of the city


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Belcaro Park

  • Beautiful layout and topography around Phipps mansion
  • Large lots
  • Neighborhood feel
  • Proximity to shopping and business on Colorado Blvd.
  • Access to Cherry Creek Shopping District and other parts of the city


For more detailed information on Belcaro Park HOA, visit


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