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It’s still ridiculous.

Comedian Shaun Johnson – Buying An Apple – Like Housing Market – @johnsonfiles/TikTok     If you have not yet seen comedian Shaun Johnson’s work of genius on what the housing market is like, click here.   The supply and demand of residential housing are so out of whack, it seems almost impossible to imagine […]

What is really going on?

Here was a frightening headline on NPR earlier this month: “Millions of Americans Skip Payments as Tidal Wave of Defaults and Evictions Looms” It sure seems weird right now.  Consider the following: Record unemployment and stock market highs – at the same time. Speaking of unemployment, last week’s jubilation that there were *only* 1.9 million, […]

May 2020: April Numbers Are Out; Early May Showing Activity

April numbers are out. I don’t read any of the commentary from my fellow realtors on that board.  My own interpretation and experience is the following: Generally speaking, activity was down by about half of what it would have normally been (using last year’s activity). If we looked at the showing activity that I had […]

Still sheltering, homes still selling – 2020-04-26

The state Shelter At Home (SAH) order expires today.  However, many Front Range counties extended their (SAH) order through May 8th. For the last two-plus weeks, showings were not allowed.  Photography, staging, and other home preparation were not permitted.  However, people were still doing it.  As a result, there has still been home sales activity.  See […]

Real Estate Deemed Non-Essential 4/10/2020

New restrictions This past week real estate was finally classified as ’non-essential’ by state authorities.  That means real estate agents are not allowed to be marketing and showing property. However, it is okay to complete transactions already in progress. As mentioned in previous writing I felt like this course of action should have been the rule […]

As we head to the end of March – 3/25/20

Denver has shelter in place / stay at home – whatever it’s called.  Other cities/counties seem to be following.  Real estate is considered ‘essential’ – along with ancillary services.  However, is that a good idea? What if a buyer, or a tradesperson, or someone else involved in the transaction, has the virus and unknowingly gives […]