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Thanks for taking a moment to consider working with us.  Tot take a rather unusual approach, would you mind if we started with the reasons why people wouldn’t work with us? 

  • We can only work with about 30 clients per year, meaning we only have room for people who really need and want our help.
  • Appointments are during normal business hours: M-F, 9am-6pm.
  • Saturday is by appointment. Sunday a day off.
  • Our interpretation of “marketing” is very different than most agents.
  • We don’t use gimmicks to get business or to sell homes.

Our apologies if that sounded a little flippant, or maybe even a little abrasive.  However, is it a bad idea to be completely transparent right up front? 

Our job is to be your trusted advisor.  Selling real estate is simple, but not easy.  No two transactions go the same way.  There are always roadblocks and obstacles to navigate on the road to a successful closing.  We are here to help guide you through that process.  

That’s not to say that every real estate transaction has problems.  We do our best to prepare our clients for what’s ahead, working to prevent major issues from arising in the first place.  Most times our clients experience smooth transactions and have no idea that behind the scenes we work very diligently to deliver a seamless experience for them. 

If you do choose to work us, you can count on us to: 

  • Be in regular communication
  • Be a straight shooter. We will keep you fully abreast of the transaction, which may include having the courage to communicate things you may not want to hear.
  • Be your champion. Although we can’t guarantee any specific price or negotiating term, we are always going to put you in the best chance of success. Often that includes getting out in front of things and preparing you along the way for what’s next.

Maybe that’s not what you were looking for.  Possibly you were looking for something a little more “shiny.”  We’re more focused on the fundamentals, having been through good markets, bad markets, and everything in between.  Our job remains the same:  serve our clients by putting their best interests first.